Herbert Kaneko

Resident Ambassador


Herbert was born at home February 15, 1932, in Palo Alto and was the proud son of Helen and Hideo Kaneko. After graduating high school in 1949, he went to San Jose State from 1949-1953 with four years deferment. From the years 1953-1955 he fought in the Korean War and in 1958 he married for the first time, a beautiful woman, (Lillian Fujihara) and they had four lovely children. Lillian unfortunately passed at the young age of 39, leaving behind her husband and four children Dana, Herbie, Stacey, and Tammy Kaneko.

Herbert dedicated his life to giving back to those less fortunate. He volunteered at the Yu-Ai Kai Japanese American Historic Museum, and at the brown Bag- Food for the needy. Herbert has seven grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren. He is loved by so many people. We here at Dani’s Helping Hands are lucky to be a part of his life.